Rommer Co Smock Bib - Pina
Rommer Co Smock Bib - Pina
Rommer Co

Rommer Co Smock Bib - Pina

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The Rommer Smock Bib is made from a super soft fabric and comes in three striped colour variations - Pina, Sea Mist and Lilac.

Perfect for the super messy eater, this gorgeous long sleeved smock bib will cover your little one's clothing and provide a lot more coverage than a regular bib. The elastic at the end of the sleeve also stops any food from creeping up their arms into the sleeves, and then there is the pocket to catch all the crumbs that otherwise end up on the floor! This bib is perfect for feeding as well as arts and crafts, reducing your laundry...tick!

The Smock Bib's lightweight waterproof fabric is super easy to rinse or wipe clean with a damp cloth, and is machine washable, with a fabric that dries very quickly.

Suitable for children aged approximately 6 months - 3 years old, quick to place around your child's neck and fasten using the snap button and just as quick to remove.

The length of smock is 45cm and from neck to end of sleeve is 40cm